Saturday, December 29, 2012

Nice 5

After yesterday's excitement, Sam was still sleeping when I headed out for my run this morning around 7:20 am. The thermometer was only reading 12 degrees - brrr! - but with no real wind it didn't feel too bad out. I was dressed warmly so that wasn't an issue although the cold , dry air definitely made my throat sting a bit! I ran down the Connector and jumped onto Highland Green Road. The sidewalk was basically down to bare pavement which was nice, and the back dirt road was plowed and a nicely packed crunchy mostly snow surface, which made for some good running. For the return portion, I chanced the power lines and was happy to find that at least one sled had been out and had packed down a path just enough to (mostly) hold my weight. My Garmin crapped out somewhere along the route - needed charging plus the cold? - so not quite sure of time or distance but probably 5 plus a smudge in 45 or so. And not a total road run after all :) Even better, Sam was still asleep when I got back! At least for a few minutes :)

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