Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snowshoeing and Sledding

Another 6" or so of snow overnight. I think there might be more snow on the ground right now than there was at any point last winter! Definitely winter wonderland out there. I got out around 9:00 am for a snowshoe run. We changed out the straps on my snowshoes to a larger size so that there would be more room for the velcro to attach, and worked well. Despite breaking trail for probably about 1 mile while I was out there, things stayed nice and snug. Hurray. Despite a rather brisk wind, it was gorgeous out there this morning, but I just wasn't feeling it. Part of it stems from the fact that sometime in the past 3 days I've picked up the cough that Sam has had the past few weeks, and it's making me feel a bit worn down. Part of it was definitely lack of sleep - Sam seems to be on again off again with good nights and bad nights, and last night, there was a lot of screeching in the middle of the night. On the plus side, she did sleep in until 8:15 at least! The last part is that, well, snowshoeing is just plain hard! It's tough for me breaking trail out there in the deep powder - a good workout, yes, - but energy sapping. I was trying to think of it as strength and endurance work as I slowly slowly trudged through the snow, but when I ended up walking the majority of the uphills and only managed to be out there for 3 miles, well, it's not so much fun as work ;-) Ah well, it's great to have all this snow and I am sure the snowmobilers will be out there packing down the trails soon enough!

After Ryan got back from his own snowshoe run, we headed to Broadway Deli for lunch and then hit the small hill out back for some sledding! We had been hoping to get Sam out on her xc skis this afternoon, but with the wind, we knew it wouldn't be fun for anyone, so we will shelve that for another day. Sam and Ryan got out sledding yesterday while I was at work, and Sam loved it, so she was very excited to head out again today. So cute :-) She took a few runs with Ryan and I, but otherwise, she wanted to go down herself. Such a little daredevil! The hill was perfect - not too big and long, but just enough to pick up some speed and let her fly a bit. It was too cold to have my hands out of my gloves for long, so I didn't get too many photos, but if you zoom in on the shot of her sledding alone, you can see her big grin behind her jacket :-)

Sledding is fun!


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