Friday, December 7, 2012

Cart Path 6

Despite the fact that yesterday morning Sam could not have wanted anything less than for Ryan to take her to daycare, this morning she awoke cheery and refreshed and overjoyed that Ryan was home and up and taking her to daycare. 3-year olds are just plain weird! So, as they headed out to daycare, I headed out on my run, hitting the cart paths for 6 miles. The first mile through the woods was slow and the second mile was way too fast, but I think I managed to get onto an even keel after that, finishing up in just shy of 53:00. The cart paths are hard packed, frozen gravel at this time of year, so it's a pretty quick run. Spent the rest of the morning before work cleaning the bathroom and the shower - I knew it was time because last night Sam was telling me, "but my duckie (the cover for the water spout) is very dirty..." :-) Is it just me, or is cleaning the shower one of the worst chores ever?! And I can't for the life of me keep a shower curtain liner clean. Oh well, at least they're inexpensive so that once I've given up on my ability to get rid of all the grime, I can just buy a new one and replace it!

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unstrung said...

I can relate to Sam's being outraged on one day and then completely fine the next, even with the identical destination. 31 year olds are weird too I guess. :)

Nice job on fitting another good run into your crazy life. Sorry to miss you last weekend!