Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Morning After

After a busy Christmas day, we all slept in a bit yesterday morning. I headed out for a run around 8:30 into the calm, cold morning. I ran with my Hillsounds in hand, donning them once I had hit the powerlines. With the cold temps overnight, things were pretty firm out there and I decided I would try running up over Mt. A., out along the golf course and down to the river. The groomed portions of Mt. A. and the golf course were solid and I hardly made a mark. The majority of the Cathance trails along the Heath and down to the river had been packed well, if still a bit uneven. I took it easy, stopping to take a few photos along the way, and just enjoying the trails. Got in a nice 5.6 miles for the day, and then came home to eat a piece of gingerbread cake ;)

Later in the day, we headed down to Portland for a yummy lunch with my parents and then dropped them off at the train station so they could head to Boston before heading out to Seattle to visit with Kristen, Rob and Morgan for the rest of the week. We had such a wonderful time with them this holiday! It is so special to have Sam spend time with her grandparents - we are incredibly lucky :) Thank you, Neenie and Pip, for visiting with us! We love you!

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