Thursday, December 29, 2016

Midweek Miles

After working on Tuesday, I'm off for the rest of the week. Got up early yesterday and out of the house around 7:20 for a road run. With the warm temps on Tuesday and temps hovering right above freezing, I figured the snow would be too soft for anything good. We don't yet have a solid enough base. So instead, I ran along the Connector and up Highland Green Road. There was no need for traction; the pavement was bare, with only a few icy spots that I could easily skirt around out in the neighborhood. On the way back, I tacked on an extra mile around the high school, where the roads were a bit icier, but not terrible. Got in a nice 6 miles for the morning. Even better, despite still feeling a bit tight and having a few twinges while running, my right leg felt pretty good, good enough to keep an average pace of 8:38 for the run, so I'll certainly take it!

Well, if yesterday felt great, today did not. Decided to see how the Cathance trails were, which really wasn't the best of ideas. It was icy, bony, uneven, postholed and slow going. Ah well. At least the river was pretty ;) Got in 6.3 rather slog-feeling miles. Only 4.5 miles to run tomorrow to finish up the year on a nice even note!

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