Monday, December 12, 2016


The snow arrived in the night. I woke to find the message on my phone that school was cancelled and we had a lazy morning here, complete with coffee once again by light of the Christmas tree...

Later in the morning, I couldn't take it any more... did more stretches, my push-ups, my little 5 lb weight arm exercises ;) and got ready to go out for a snowy run around the block. I lasted 8 days without running, what can I say, that was enough?! ;) Back at it. The roads were snowy and sloppy, the trails in the woods covered in 6" of fluffy snow. Slow going but nice to be out for a short 3 miles. Pretty out there. I didn't feel great, but I never imagined I would after a week off, but was hoping I wouldn't feel terrible ;) Overall, I'd say I felt ok, although the lower right leg still tight.

Snow-filled Queen Anne's lace

Red and white. Love how the winterberries pop at this time of year!

By 11:30, the snow had stopped and a light rain began to fall, so I went into work for the afternoon. Sam and Ryan got outside to tromp around in the snow and go sledding for a bit before returning home to play games for the rest of the afternoon. Good old snowday fun!

Out sledding!

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