Friday, December 2, 2016

Ready Or Not

Well, Fells 40 on Saturday, ready or not!

I had been feeling really strong, especially with a solid last long weekend of 20 hilly miles at Bradbury and 9 hilly miles at Thorncrag the weekend before Thanksgiving. But the past week has given me pause, since I picked up Sam's cold and now can't quite shake the congestion that remains in my head/throat/upper chest. I don't know how much it will impact things on Saturday, but I definitely felt it when I went out for an early and dark run along the cart paths on Wednesday morning. In the glint of my headlamp in the woods before hole #6, I saw a pair of eyes glowing. The dim light enabled me to just see the white tail of a deer as it gracefully bounded off into the woods. As I ran past that spot, I turned to look and saw not one, but two, pairs of eyes staring back at me. I wonder what they thought of me running past. Five cart path miles for the morning.

This morning's run was a bit better. I'm still congested and legs felt kind of crappy (hopefully from the taper which seems to bring that on. Why is that?!?) but it was nice to get out on a sunny morning and loop around the Heath.

We'll see what tomorrow brings. I'm nervous as it's a stout course with a stout time cut off but I'll give it I've got!!


Anonymous said...

D, you will do great!!! You are well trained for sure. I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling your old self and enjoy the run!


Sparkplug said...

Thanks Ann :) Hope to see you tomorrow but hope you're spending at least some of the day with the fam instead of in a cold parking lot waiting for us crazy runners :)