Saturday, December 17, 2016


I had intended to run on Friday but man, was it cold out! -4 when we woke up with strong winds making the 'feel like' temps in the minus teen range. Brrr! So instead, Ryan and I went and caught a mid-day showing of Rogue One, because, well, why not? And it was pretty darn awesome!

It was still in the single digits around 3:00 pm when I picked Sam up at school to go downtown to do some Christmas shopping, and being the true Mainer that she is, she was not deterred by the cold weather and wanted to make a stop at Gelato Fiasco midway through our shopping to refuel ;) Never too cold for ice cream!

This morning, I headed out for my run at 6:50 am, just as a fine snow was starting to fall. I ran down to the Connector and turned onto Highland Green. My right leg is still quite tight, so I took the cut-off across from Mountain Road and looped back on the back dirt road and across onto the new bike path home for a cold, snowy 4.3 miles. Luckily, despite the fact that it was only reading 4 degrees out when I left the house, it was calm so I stayed nice and toasty running along!

The rest of the day was spent inside crossing things off our Christmas To Do list, including trying to write Christmas cards with Ronnie around ;)

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