Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Darkness into Light

With today being winter solstice, it is the longest night of the year. This evening, I attended a homeless memorial service put on by Tedford and those in the surrounding community to remember and honor those lost in the past year to homelessness. While we mourn these passings, the overarching theme of the evening was that of hope, as we work together to find solutions to these challenges, and as long as one person is willing to put out a hand, to love, to assist, to put themselves in another's shoes and try to understand. I don't believe in God but I do believe that as people we have the capacity to do magical and wonderful things, and that sometimes all it takes is one kind word or action to help another, to find light in the darkness.

Darkness into light


Monday morning, I headed out for a run. After our bizarre weather pattern, which ranged from arctic cold to snow to 40s and rain, temps were back to single digits. I was afraid I'd find more ice out given the deep freeze after the rain event, but the roads were all in decent shape, and the rain seemed to have been absorbed by the snow, so not too much harm done. I found that at least one snowmobile had been out on the powerlines and took those tracks over to Highland Green Road. I turned off at the first cut-off and ran the back dirt road, which was really all ice, and looped back around for a nice 4 miles. My leg was fine for the first half of the run and then proceeded to tighten, but it was definitely better than last week. I worked a lot on my hips and TFL muscle at the top of the IT band over the weekend and I think that helped for sure.

Tuesday dawned cold yet again, minus 3 by our thermometer so I stayed in bed ;) but this morning I was up and out before the sun. I ran the full 5 mile Highland Green loop as the horizon lightened and turned gold and pink. My leg held up pretty well but it is still not 100%. Still, it was a lovely morning to be out and I was happy to find the powerlines pretty well packed, and the back road a good mix of sand and ice, perfect for screwshoe running.

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