Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Shenanigans

Ryan and I headed over to Bradbury this morning for a run with some of our Trail Monster friends. I had been a bit hesitant as I was unsure how my leg would feel, but it really felt pretty decent. Yah! Hopefully it will continue in that direction. I wore my Hillsounds and I do think they provide much more stable traction than the screwshoes. The snowmobile trail was soft but had definitely been tracked by several machines so it was pretty good if effortful running. The boys and Jet took off in a flash while Amy and I kept a more moderate pace ;) We got in a nice 6 mile out-and-back, chatting all the way. A fun morning of running with friends before the rain began to fall to kick off the holiday weekend!

Happy runners

Post-run smiles

Yes, this happened ;) 

And there might have been a bit of this...

And this ;)

We headed home to join in on the Christmas Eve cooking and baking and cookie decorating.

Very serious

Ugly Sweater decorating

Decorating is tough!

Our little elf :)

Decorating fun


Sam and Pippi

Gingerbread cookie decorating

Sam's gingerbread girl

Sam and Neenie, happy decorators :)

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