Thursday, December 15, 2016

By Light of the Moon

Got out this morning for the first snowshoe of the season! Ryan has been setting some tracks over on the golf course, but I found that the cart paths, out to the Mt. A. fields and up and over Mt. A. had all been groomed and with the colder temps, the lanes were packed enough that I wasn't leaving any more of an imprint that the deer and those who had already been out walking on the snow yesterday, so I stuck to the more firm ground rather than Ryan's thin ribbon of track.

As I started out, the day had not yet lightened, the moon shining brightly above, set against a deep blue-grey sky. Snowshoeing is hard work, but I couldn't help but notice how beautiful it was out! Such a nice, crisp morning.

Looped around the golf course, out onto the fields and up and over Mt. A. for a good 3 mile workout. My lower right leg/knee was definitely a bit grouchy with me in the final mile - boo! - but otherwise, it felt really good to be out on the snow!

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