Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Reward for the Early Morning Alarm

Sometimes there are rewards for actually hauling oneself out of bed when the alarm (OK, second alarm) goes off at 4:10 am. And I don't mean the long range rewards that come with good, solid, consistent training. I am a planner, a lover of lists; I am constantly thinking far ahead, about what's next, about what I need to do, about how it will all play out long term. But sometime the reward is simply being there, present, enjoying the moment you are in. And this morning, watching the sky light up and the sun rise, seeing the porcupine scuttle into the quarry rocks, watching the Great Blue Heron soar up along the river, scaring up a mama deer and her two spotted fawn along the Heath and staying still, watching them then turn and walk calming off along the trail, stopping to pick blackberries and savoring their sweetness, all these things help me appreciate the fact that I *am* up and out at 5:15 am getting in my runs, that remind me that there is pleasure to be found in the little things, that these quiet moments are the things that make me smile, that lighten my step, that make me grateful and thankful and oh so lucky.

[8 miles on the cart paths, with a trip down to the river and back included]

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