Thursday, August 4, 2016

Midweek Miles

I had intended to get up and run on Monday, especially as Ryan and I never managed to get out and run on Sunday, but that just didn't happen. I hadn't slept much over the weekend so decided a bit of extra sleep on Monday was better than running ;)

Tuesday morning, I got up and out at 5:05 am - it is amazing how the light is disappearing on these early morning runs. I wore my headlamp just in case, and actually did turn it on a few times out in the dim dark woods. Fall is coming... it was a nice morning, cooler but still humid. The mist was rising over the Heath and the deer flies were out but not too terrible. Got in a sweaty 7 miles out in the Cathance, and was treated with an Indigo Bunting flyover as I've exited the trails and dropped into the Highland Green community. Very cool. Such a neat bird!

Wednesday morning was workout morning. Yah! Except that I kind of felt crappy. The ragweed is out and I have been itchy and stuffed up, and I didn't sleep well Tuesday night either, so I was not in the best state for hill repeats. I was wheezing like crazy on the uphills. Ugh! But no matter, I got it done. Almost stopped after 6 repeats told myself to HTFU! and continued on with the final two, for a total of 8 repeats and 5.2 miles. Phew.

This morning, I went out around 5:20 am and ran the cart paths, with the Heath loop added on after mile 3. It was cool and not as humid - such a nice change! Kept the pace mellow and just tried to chill and enjoy the run. The sunrise over the Heath above the mist hanging around the treetops was just beautiful. Saw a baby cormorant swimming in one of the golf course ponds, scared up a Great Blue Heron from one of the marshy areas, and stopped and picked a baggie-full of blackberries along the powerlines at the end of the run. A good, peaceful 7 miles to start off the day.

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