Saturday, August 13, 2016


Up and out early this morning, and headed over to the Brunswick for a nice, soggy, rainy, misty 10 miles. Still wicked humid but only in the high 60s so way more comfortable than yesterday's run. Plus, it started raining a few miles in, which felt pretty nice. 

Ran out through the Commons and found a wonderful high bush blueberry bush where I've never noticed one before, full of big plump blueberries like the Orono bog. Yum! Belted kingfisher out over the pond, osprey calling and one flying overhead carrying its prey in its talons. High grass out in Coleman Farm led to very wet feet but no matter since I was pretty well soaked anyway ;) Home before 8:30 and Sam still asleep! 

The rest of the day was spent around the house relaxing and getting a few things done while giving Sam the chance to chill out after a busy week. Always nice to have a down day when it seems like life is always so busy! 

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