Friday, August 12, 2016

Is It Fall Yet?

Man, this hot and humid weather is really too much. BUT, on the plus side, this afternoon there were early season macs at the farmer's market! It *must* mean fall is on its way soon, right?!?! A girl can dream at least... a few more weeks of summer left and fall will be here before we know it. Might as well enjoy it, but it's tough when you feel like you're suffocating in the humidity!

Last night, Sam had a sleepover at camp, which she hemmed and hawed about and finally decided she really wanted to attend. We agreed that I would come out after work to check on her, to give her a final out, so to speak, if in the end she decided she didn't want to stay. When I arrived, they were back from their field trip to Wolfe's Neck and were out along the back airstrip, setting up their tents. She was happily unpacking her stuff into one of her friend's tents and after a few minutes, told me "Go Mama go!" So I did :) Still slightly anxious about how her night would go but oh so glad she was feeling happy and safe and content in her choice.

So what are parents to do when they have a free night? Go out on a date! We headed over to Frontier, which was hopping, and grabbed two seats at the bar for drinks and dinner. Delish! It was lovely to have a nice evening out with Ryan and the relaxation was much needed after how I'd been feeling earlier in the week. Ahh... :) Better yet, there were no panicked phone calls overnight to come pick up the kiddo, so it appears it was a success!

I had hoped to get out for an adventure today but to be honest, I was feeling tired and was not really looking forward to a long day out in the heat and humidity. So I chose to stick around home and cross some things off my list and get in a run out in the Cathance instead. And I think I made the right decision because, man, it was nasty out there. Heavy and hot and humid and simply suffocating in the dead air out in the woods when I went out at 8:30 am. I shuffled along, soaked in sweat, and cut the run short. It simply was not worth it. Still, did find some very pretty red royal catchfly along the river and saw one deer, but otherwise, I was thankful for this to be a down week and that I didn't have to suffer for too long out there! 7 miles was more than enough!!

OK, and now it's back to getting the house cleaned up so I can go pick up the kiddo and hear all about the sleepover :)

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