Friday, January 29, 2016


Despite the fact that I normally think of myself as a morning runner, I have been failing at that title a lot recently. Didn't sleep well on Tuesday night so never made it out of bed early enough for a run on Wednesday before work. I decided I would make up for it with a run during Sam's swim class, so I hit the treadmill at the Y. Not my most favorite way to get a run in, that's for sure, but it works and it serves me right for not getting up and out in the morning ;) Started around 8:50 pace and cranked it up every 1/2 mile, finishing up with 1 mile at 7:53 pace and then a 1/4 mile cooldown to get in 4 miles in 33:30. Managed to just barely stop sweating before I had to pick Sam up at the pool ;)

Today I headed out after dropping Sam off at school. A bit of a dreary morning, with a little bit of snow and rain spitting down on me throughout the run, but thankfully it didn't become anything worse than that. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to find out on the trails with the warm weather we've been having, but I decided to head out into the Cathance to check things out. Things were nice and compacted up and over Mt. A. and along the golf course, with the singletrack around the Heath a bit of a mess due to someone who had been out in the warm weather postholing the trail. When those footprints freeze again, it really makes things rough going! Across the street, I ran down the Barnes Leap trail, which was wonderfully compacted by skiers, snowshoers and fat bikes; the rest of the way along the river was a mixed bag in terms of conditions, for the most part the singletrack was compacted but not nice and smooth. Still, decent all things considered.

When I got up into the field, I turned left and ran the Ravine Loop, which had seen less traffic and was a little rougher going, then I headed back through the woods, around the Heath, back on the golf course and up Mt. A. again before heading out on the snowmobile trail. The snowmobile trail was nicely compacted too, but in the spots where people had been walking, it was rough on the ankles, and there were a number of icy stretches too. Still, faster than it has been.

All in all, a good run, and happy to have gotten it in. Aerobically, I wasn't taxing myself at all, but my legs were definitely a bit tired from the uneven ground and the fact that this is only the second time I've been out for more than 2 hours since TARC :) Got in 13.6 for the day, and now it's time to get ready to volunteer in Sam's classroom!

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