Saturday, January 23, 2016

Daylight Running

Met up with Maureen yesterday at the Brad for a run. Originally it was supposed to be Val and Mindy too, but both had to cancel in the end, which is too bad as it would have been great to catch up. Oh well, another time! But it ended up working out really well in the end, as Maureen and I had a fun run on a lovely, chilly, windy morning. We decided to hit the snowmobile trails and found them in good shape and easy to run on - hurray! The miles ticked by easily and quickly as we chatted away and kept up a good pace. We seemed to be pretty evenly matched pacewise, which was nice - of course, Maureen is almost 20 years older than me - wow! I hope I am as strong as she is at almost 60 years old!

We ran until my watch beeped 5 miles, which got us about 1/4 mile out onto the powerlines, and made our way back to the park. The trails were very quiet - no snowmobiles, and only one other person out there, a man snowshoeing out in the corn field. I noticed a lot of deer prints as well as some turkey prints along the edge of the field, but no sign of the bone that Amy and Val had seen the day before - someone/something must have dragged it off into the woods. All in all, a really nice 10 mile run with a friend, and very happy to finish up feeling strong and energetic!

I hardly slept last night - sigh - so I didn't get up when the alarm went off and tried to get a bit more rest instead. I took Sam to her swim lessons and to the indoor farmer's market while Ryan was at the Brad course marking and getting in his run, and then after he got home, I headed out for my own run. Of course, I had just had a huge bowl of leftover chicken pot pie - hmmm, perhaps not the wisest decision, in retrospect - but I knew if I didn't get going, I might not actually get myself out the door! It was overcast, cold and windy. Brrr! I did the same snowmobile trail loop around Lover's Lane that I had done the other morning. A bit slower today due to wind, full stomach and more churned up trail, but regardless, glad to get in the miles.

While I was gone, Ryan and Sam worked on race numbers, and then once I got back, we got the race prizes baked up. Another busy Saturday!

Hard at work... 

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