Sunday, January 10, 2016

Rain and Fog

Amy and I had planned to meet up this morning for a run. I asked her if she would be up for 12 miles, you know, just because I wanted to see how things would feel with a few hours on the legs. Of course, the morning dawned 37 degrees, rainy, misty, foggy, just the kind of weather you do not want to run in. But with a scheduled meet-up, there was nothing to do but layer up and head out. Always good to have a friend to run with on a day you might otherwise just spend inside due to nasty weather!

 We ended up sitting in the car for a bit, waiting for the sky to lighten. Without any reflective gear on such a dreary day, we didn't want to chance it. Just after 7:00, we broke from the warmth of the car and headed off down Rt 9, turning a bit later onto Poland Range Road. The marsh lining the road was awash with the early winter hues of brown and maroons, the remaining white fluffs on the cotton sedge highlighted against the darkness of the grasses. Pretty in a quiet way.

 At the T, we turned left into Lawrence, where the road became more uneven and much icier until we hit the Big Brad course area. We took Lawrence to the end and crossed over for a short ways, but it was much too icy, even with screwshoes. Luckily, mileage was a bit more than six at this point, so we turned around and retraced our steps back to the park.

 Finished up with 12.5 miles, some good hills, some rain, mist and ice and a fun 2 hours running with a friend. Thanks, Amy! Of course we couldn't resist a chocolate chip cookie and coffee to cap off the morning before heading home :)

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