Sunday, January 31, 2016


...a bit of extra sleep this morning, followed by a few cups of coffee and a bit of quiet before Sam woke up. Ryan went up to get her and when she came downstairs, she ran to me with a big smile for a hug. What's not to love?

....watching Sam swim like a fish in the water at her lesson, waving her little waves at me every once in a while to ensure I was watching.

...a bit of music at the indoor farmer's market, the kids munching bagels, the vibe happy and cheery in a winter Saturday. 

...knowing Ryan was out snowshoe racing, perhaps his favorite kind of racing ever :) Glad we can make it work for him to get a few races in each winter and that he is healthy enough to do it! 

...reading books with Sam while we eat lunch.

...a late afternoon run down along the river, the snow tacky beneath my feet, the river flowing, snow stuck to the trees, the woods quiet, my body happy and feeling good. 

...sitting by the heater with Ronnie at my side, eating a snack and catching up on the world while Sam plays contentedly upstairs. early dinner out with my two favorite people, doing silly drawing games at the table and having a relaxing evening together.

A good Saturday indeed. 

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