Sunday, January 3, 2016

More Holiday Fun

With two weeks of vacation and three separate visits with family to celebrate the holidays, things have been a bit chaotic, if fun, around Snowplug land. I think there's going to be a bit of adjustment heading into the week as we get back to reality! Aie... But before we do that, we'll revel in the fun a bit more :) We had a good second Christmas celebration with Irene, Dana, Meg, Chris and Gavin this weekend, and it is always great to see the kids together.


Out getting some energy out :)

Family dinner

It's only one beer...

Hello Kitty

Dinosaur fun

Sam and Grammie

Hugs from Grampie

Ready to play school!

Reading us some new jokes

Rounded out the weekend with a morning run up through the Weldon Farm neighborhood, out along the Newburyport marsh and back through Fatherland today. A good 10 mile road loop. Legs felt a bit like cement - there just seems to be no speed there. I suppose this is normal after slow 100 mile training but I definitely want to figure out a way to work on turnover. It's not as obvious in trails but out on the roads it sure is! A bit windy on the return trip but a beautiful morning to be out and a good way to start the day. Saw many juncoes, three cardinals, a whole lot of sparrows and robins, and what I think was a broad winged hawk flying overhead. First 30 mile week in a long while. 

Pretty sky

Pretty marsh

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