Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Beautiful Sky

We appear to be in a bit of a thaw this week, or at least the first few days. It was in the high 20s when I went out for my run yesterday morning - I was completely overdressed. I took the snowmobile trail up and over Mt. A. and then ran out along the groomed golf cart path on hole #3. Things were pretty soft until I hit the packed trails along the Heath, at which point there had been enough traffic to make the trails pretty nice running. I ran down along the river, enjoying the singletrack. By the time I was climbing the hill up to the field near mile 4 along the route, the sky was lightening and I was able to turn off my headlamp. Gorgeous sunrise this morning. I kept stopping along the way to take photos - it was just too beautiful not to!

Through the trees

Beautiful sunrise

Love the periwinkle clouds!

I ran back via the back road, which was down to frozen dirt, and then out on Canam. Got in 5.9 miles on a truly beautiful morning. Glad to have gotten out!

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