Thursday, December 24, 2015

What A Day!

There was a lot to be done today so I was up early for my run. I had planned on a longer run, but it was misty and foggy, and man, these dreary mornings make me dreary and I really wasn't feeling it. I seriously could never live someplace that has fig and rain all the time, I need sun and crisp blue skies to keep cheery! So I texted Amy to see if she wanted to run 10 on Saturday and then, seeing that she was, decided on a shorter Cathance loop instead. Hurray!

Boy oh boy, was it wet out there! Even one of the bog bridges was under water as was much of the trail. The river was still within its banks, but barely! Lots of water today. Amazing. Seriously saturated. Got in a sloppy, soupy six. 

Roaring Carhance


Rushing waters

Huh... I thought this was the trail... 

Came home in time to clean up before Anne, Thistle and Phil came over, austensibly to drop off a gift for Sam, but which turned into a "let's just take a look at that dryer issue" visit and 4 hours later, dryer hose and vent unclogged of lint , redone and rehooked up to the machine. Nothing says Christmas Eve like dryer vent reconstruction !! 


The girls had fun playing though and it was a fun distraction for Sam. 

Silly Thistle

Goofing around

BFFs :)

In the midst of it all, gingerbread and cranberry bread were baked, veggies were roasted, sausages browned and two pans of lasagna were put together, presents were out under the tree , a bathroom was put back together and the house was vacuumed and cleaned . Thankfully I had help, and many thanks to Phil for getting our dryer to work properly again !! It was only ever so slightly chaotic. Aie! :0

Later, we had a traditional -ha! - Christmas Eve dinner of Indian food - yum! - followed up by the opening a few presents and showing of Rudolph. And now, it is time to get some sleep. Somehow, I think we'll be up early tomorrow ;)

Pondering which present to pick

Found it!

Ready for bed, and Christmas!

What a day!!! 

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