Thursday, December 10, 2015


Tuesday, I got up and out before the sun rose, winding my way up and over Mt. A. to run 6 miles on the cart paths. With the colder weather, the paths had "set" again and were nice and firm. Highland Green is doing some work clearing the area between/around holes 6 and 7 for new homes, which is kind of sad as I always hate to see trees and woodlands disappear, but I know the area is not technically part of the Cathance preserve and I will get used to the change. The clearing, however, did allow for a nice view of the changing sky this morning, the horizon glowing neon pink beneath the periwinkle blue clouds. The sunrises are one of the best parts of my early morning runs; makes for a beautiful start to the day. Felt pretty good.

This morning was foggy, misty and 45 degrees. I had decided last night that I would go out on the powerlines, but in the end, this was a bad choice. The trails were muddy, uneven and mucky. I finally turned around halfway between Tedford and Rt. 24, but should have given up earlier. I ran up the back road and got onto the cart paths at hole #8 and ran them in reverse back to Mt. A. Got in 6 miles but my butt/hip was not super happy; tight again, probably from all the slipping and sliding in the mud. I feel a bit frustrated with how it feels; I so want to be feeling good and strong again. I have been doing lots of stretches and specific strengthening for hip adductors/flexors and glute muscles, and am headed to see Dr. Jamie again tomorrow. While I had originally thought the issue was piriformis, Jamie suggested it was the gluteus minimus, which mimics piriformis pain in many ways. I agree with him after seeing how I feel doing a lot of the piriformis stretches, but I am having a tough time getting the glutes to loosen, and darn it, want them to! Patience is so not my best virtue, but I will try :)

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