Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Fun

Amy drove back up here this morning to meet me for a 7:00 am run out through the Commons and Coleman Farm. The full moon was rising over the pond as we headed out and later, as we ran down to the ocean, the light was shining brightly off the still water in the marsh rivers. Beautiful morning to be out, and always nice to run with Amy!

Moon just hidden behind the trees

Ocean overlook

Later in the afternoon, Mom, Dad and Sam took off for the Coastal Maine Botanical Garden 'Gardens Aglow' exhibit up in Boothbay Harbor, while Ryan and I headed to the movie theatre to watch the new Star Wars. Wow, great movie. We followed up the movie with a fun and delicious dinner at Frontier - what a nice night out! Thanks, Mom and Dad! And 'Gardens Aglow' looked pretty awesome too!



Taking in the sights with Neenie

Snowman Scavenger hunt

Beautiful lights

Flower lights

Garden aglow

Kids garden and playhouse

Fun with Neenie and Pip

Sam, in her PJs, of course ;)

Tall trees

Glowing lights

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