Saturday, December 5, 2015


Thursday morning was rainy and misty. I didn't believe it could possibly be 43 degrees out so I went out in my typical cold weather gear . Mistake. I was way overdressed. Felt like spring. Got in a soggy five on the cart paths. With the rain and thaw, the paths were good and squishy.

Friday morning was much cooler so everything was covered with a thin glaze of ice. I chose to run all the errands and go the grocery shopping before heading out, which meant I didn't get out until about 11:15. By then it had warmed up significantly and even with thinner layers, I was still overdressed and shed my hat a few miles in. Ran out into the Cathance for a mellow 7 miles on the trails. This river was running high and the singletrack was covered with a thick layer of slick leaves. It was a slow one but nice to be out.

The hip/butt tightness is still present but better. Mostly I feel a bit slow right now and wish for that feeling of mid-training effortlessness and strength. But hopefully that will return eventually. For now, keeping the remainder of the year low mileage with the goal of kicking the hip/butt tightness to the curb. 

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