Saturday, December 12, 2015

Busy Busy: Well-Child Check-up, Morning Run, Tree Trimming

Still one more day left to the weekend but it's been busy already! Friday, I ran around doing errands and trying to wrap up Christmas loose ends before heading to see Dr. Jamie after lunch. Man, wish I could do some of those deep stretches/loosenings at home, but then, I guess that is why he is good at what he does. Felt a bit more optimistic upon departure, and a lot less tight. Then it was off to pick up Sam so we could head to get her 6 year well-child check-up. A few months late, but oh well.

Stats as of 6 years, 2 months:
39.2 lbs
43.6 inches

Yup, she's a tiny one, alright ;) But healthy and happy and thriving, so that's all that counts.

By the time we got out of there it was dark, but I had come prepared, so we headed off onto the Midcoast Hospital nature trail for a walk in the fog with our headlamps. There were pages from Dahlov Ipcar's Alphabet book along the trail, so we had fun reading as we walked along. We ended up with a 0.6 mile loop and a fun exploration.

Foggy alphabet walk

This morning, I got up early and headed over to Bowdoin to run in the Commons before Sam's swim lessons. Luckily, since she's moved up to the older kid class, lessons don't start until 10:00 so it makes for a bit of a more leisurely morning with more time to fit a run in ;) It was a beautiful morning with the sun shining through the pine trees and a low fog out on the Pennelville fields. Man, the light was just incredible. My leg was still a bit tight, but felt better, and I felt so happy to be out enjoying the quiet woods on a warm December day. 

Sun rising above foggy fields

Pond reflections

Glowing light

Low tide

Got in a mellow 7.2 miles before picking up a few donuts on the way home for a post-run/pre-swimming treat ;) 

After swimming, we stopped and picked out a Christmas tree. It felt a bit odd to be getting a tree in 50+ degree weather, but this month has been a strange one, so we just put on the Christmas tunes and went with it ;) The snow will come, I am sure. 

I think we managed to go about 2 minutes before an ornament broke ;) but otherwise, it was a relatively calm afternoon of tree decorating followed by some slightly chaotic present wrapping as only one with a young child who is "helping" can understand :)

Getting ready to trim the tree

First ornament

Groovin' to the Charlie Brown Christmas song 

All set for Christmas! (That stuff on the table? Yup, lasted about a minute after the picture. HA!)

Great Grammie's tree, sparkling in the living room

Ryan had to head to his Christmas party for the evening, so Sam and I decided to head out for some gelato after dinner to cap off the day. I chose "Santa's Little Helper" (cookies and cream spiked with Bailey's) because, well, Yo Ho, Christmas is fun but man, it is a lot of work! ;)

While Daddy's at his office Christmas party, the elves will play...
or in this case, go out and get gelato ;)

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