Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Running Sam!

Tonight was Sam's first XC meet. I have never been to Twin Brook before (no, really, I haven't) and was honestly a bit surprised to see so many kids milling around when we arrived. The Cumberland the Freeport/Durham teams were HUGE! In amongst the sea of maroon and red, we found our small clan of "Totally Topsham" turquoise shirts.

Totally Topsham! Go Sam go!

We arrived in time to do the walk through of the course, a 1/2 mile winding through the fields. Then there was much milling around and the girls doing cartwheels and jumps along the start line while they waited for their race to start. 

Start line

Look at how many girls there are!

The 6 & 7 year old girls were first, so Sam and the two other Topsham girls set off with the much larger mass of girls from Cumberland, Freeport/Durham and Pownal. There must have been 50 to 60 girls in Sam's race. Amazing!

I felt a bit like I was in some sort of alternate universe, one of those parents standing on the side line of a race course cheering on my kid as she ran by. I don't know, it made me feel a bit old! And it was just a bit surreal to see Sam out there running a cross country race. But she had a big smile on her face and did really well! She said her popsicle stick said she was 36th overall. I think they post results so when they do, I'll check it out, but whatever place she finished, we were really proud of her! She did an awesome job!

Happy runner

Sprinting to the finish line

Done and happy!

Our friends Mike and Marina came to cheer Sam on, so the girls played for a while as the sun sank lower on the horizon and the rest of the races continued. As the ages increased, the amount of participants in the race decreased, likely with kids defecting to football and soccer at the older ages, but it was still impressive how many kids were there for a rec league meet!

We came home and I found Sam had chosen this book for her reading tonight. How appropriate :)

Post-meet reading

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