Friday, September 18, 2015

Great Grammie's Button Box

Sam has a wonderful keepsake from Phyllis, her button box. This mahogany box came home with Ryan this summer when he spent a day helping his parents clean out his grandparents house. It was full of buttons, just the sort of thing Sam would love.

She opens it from time to time to continue sorting the buttons. She has them sorted into very Samantha categories, like pretty and really pretty, wood, plastic, soft, and of course, those that are soft and hard. 

Earlier this week, she picked up the box, brought it to the couch and opened it up, saying, "this smells just like Great Grammie and Bampie's house." Then, After a bit of quiet sorting,  "I forget them sometimes, but then, when I open this box, I think of them and I remember."

Such a wise old soul. I hope the button box always brings back the smell and memory of Phyllis and Ted for her. So special. 

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