Saturday, September 12, 2015


Tomorrow is the last day of the summer series at Bradbury so Sam and I spent a big chunk of the morning and afternoon after swim lessons (and donuts, of course :) ) baking. She loves to help and even though it takes about twice as long, I'm happy to have her share in on the fun. Maybe someday soon she can do it all herself and I can just sit around eating bonbons ;) HA!

Once we were done, Ryan needed to head out to the store to get some supplies for post-race so he took Sam with him and I was able to head out for my run. It was probably 2:30ish by the time I hit the trails. The day had warmed up and my legs felt a bit heavy, unused to the afternoon start, but it was beautiful out with a nice breeze and very comfortable temps once I reached the shaded woods. I ran down along the Cathance - boy, the river is low! - and out toward Head of Tides. I ran into a father and daughter hiking in the Cathance proper, as well as an older couple out hiking on the newer trails, but otherwise had the trails to myself.

Turned around just shy of Head of Tides itself at Cathance Road and made my way back. Once again, many pretty mushrooms in the woods, and saw another red eft. Out along the powerlines the berries on the bushes (viburnum?) have began to morph from white into blush pink and deep purple.  So pretty against the blue sky. Got in a nice 10 for the day.

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