Monday, September 7, 2015

Long Weekend Fun

Yesterday was a fairly mellow day, with pancakes and bacon in the morning and some game playing before spending the afternoon out in Harpswell at Sam's friend's Anne's grandparents house, enjoying the pool and the ocean, not to mention their nice hospitality and a fun dinner. The girls had a great time, and it is oh so beautiful out there for sure. My legs felt fairly decent, in part, no doubt, to the BioFreeze that Ryan applied to my quads on Saturday night - those muscles were barking after the long day on the trails. It felt good to walk around but I had no desire to try to run!

Today I felt good enough to try for a run this morning, and was happy to find that although I felt a general fatigue overall, my legs weren't particularly crampy or stiff. It was pretty warm out but I was out early enough that the heat wasn't too big of a factor. It took a few miles to shake things out but I had a good 6 mile run out in the Cathance and back on the roads. Ran into Jim Gott on the road, and he was like, "What are you doing back out running already after Saturday?!" Ha! No rest for the weary, man ;) We stopped to catch up for a bit, which was fun, before continuing on our own runs.

The afternoon was spent over in Bath, enjoying the trails at Thorne Head. Things had really heated up by the time we got out there after lunch, and despite the slow pace that Sam set on the hike, we were all sweating. Still, it is really a nice place to hike and we had it almost all to ourselves. We got in almost 2 miles in about 2 hours, although only an hour was moving time. HA! That is what we get hiking with a 5 year old :) The hike and the heat called for an ice cream stop on the way home. All in all a great day, and a fun extra day off together!

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