Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Morning Sixes

Met up with Shannon on Tuesday  morning for a run through the Commons. It was just beginning to get light when we left her house at 6:00am and the first bit in the woods was run in the murky morning dimness. We haven't run together in a few weeks so it was fun to catch up! A good 6.4 miles for the day.

Yesterday morning, I had intended to run longer but didn't quite get up in time, so I headed out at 5:50am to run 6 miles on the cart paths. Definitely dark at the start but the perk was seeing the sunrise as I dropped down to Highland Green after taking the road up over Mt A. Always nice.

Also saw one red eft and moved him off the path in the direction of the pond nearby. Such interesting creatures. I do love seeing them:)  

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