Friday, September 4, 2015

Cool, Bright and Alright

Ended up deciding to sleep in this morning so I headed out for my run after dropping Sam off at school, taking the recycling to the transfer station and dropping the car off for its 25,000 mile service. Luckily, the Toyota dealership is only about 0.3 miles from our house, so I just ran from there and then ran home :) I headed out through the Mt. A. trails into the Cathance, enjoying the crisp air and the bright sunlight.
The woods were beautiful and there are hints that fall is on its way.

For the first few miles, my legs felt heavy and the running seemed a chore. Uh oh. But things did loosen up as I ran along, and I got in a nice enjoyable 7 miles for the morning. Hopefully the legs will hold up well tomorrow - the final long-long run of the training cycle!

Now off to get some things done around the house!

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