Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Too Much Snow?

Ryan would say no way, but I'm really tempted to say that right now there is just too much fluffy snow out there. The fact that 40+ inches have fallen in the past week means that there is just no where to put the stuff, the streets are still a mess, and the piles are huge. Plus, I'm kind of a wimp when it comes to plowing through that much fresh snow! I want to get out on the trails but I'd prefer them to be at least partially packed :) I know, I am asking too much!

Really, I'm not complaining - it is winter and we do live in Maine - but this morning as I was slogging through that lovely dark greyish brown mush that develops on the road in the days after a storm, I was thinking I was going to go a bit insane if I didn't get off the pavement soon. Of course, it has been my choice to run the roads, but it honestly has really been the only choice if I wanted to run from home recently. But, tomorrow... snowshoe run, not roads! And this weekend, a long trail run as long as the weather holds!

All this being said, I feel pretty good about the running I have managed recently. It hasn't been easy getting in the miles but I've done it. The miles might be mostly flat and mostly on pavement, but they are miles, and at this point, consistency and just getting in a good base is key.

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