Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Sunrise Snowshoe

Say what you will about social media, but it does offer up good trail condition beta every so often :) And for that I am thankful! Saw that John and Michael K. had been out snowshoeing on the powerlines last night, breaking trail, but that several snowmobilers had come through as they were finishing up. That was enough for me - it would be a snowshoeing morning today!

I realize I have said that snowshoeing is not my favorite, but the reality is that with all the snow we've received the past few weeks, the road running is kind of stinky right now and not many trails are packed enough to travel without snowshoes. So if I want to be able to get out off the two "safe" road routes I can run from home, I need my snowshoes for the time being! I was actually excited to have the chance to get out on the snowmobile trail out toward Lover's Lane. I haven't traveled out that way for a while, and although these trails are essentially flat (with only a few steep hills), they are good running and I have always enjoyed being out on them.

John and Michael's intel held up - the trails were nicely packed and good snowshoe running. A bit slower than the Snowmobile Trail at the Brad, but still pretty nice. I ran along, watching the sky lighten. My favorite part of the run out to Lover's Lane has always been the small stretch between Bay Park and Lover's Lane - the trail is a bit more narrow and winds through some woods. This morning, there was a soft light spreading through the woods and the evergreens along the edge of the trail were covered with snow. Very pretty.

As I crested the top of the hill before Highland Green Road on the return, I stopped to take in the sunrise behind me. Gorgeous. The sunrises definitely make all these early morning runs worth it!

A good 5 miles in a little less than an hour to start the day.

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