Friday, February 20, 2015

Fun Friday

Never managed to make it out of bed this morning for a run before Ryan went to work, so no long run today, but no matter. I'll be getting in more than enough running tomorrow to make up for it, and will plan on a shorter run on Sunday too to round out the week. Plus, I probably needed the sleep anyway. Three days in a row of early wake-ups for mid-week running is pretty good for me ;)

After Ryan left for work, Sam and I headed over to Pineland Farm. We hit the market for a snack - yum! - and then went over to their educational center for the Friday on the Farm program. It was a bit cold walking in the barn and out and around to all the buildings, but otherwise it was a great morning. Next time, we'll know to wear our snowpants :) A fun morning at the farm for sure!

Pineland in the snow

Beautiful Pineland vista

Collecting eggs

The hens seemed to think the flowers on my boots were delicious :) They kept pecking at them!

Sam and the chickens


Why hello there

Licks from the calves!


Hi mama

Sam's coat just tasted SO good!

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