Tuesday, February 3, 2015

New Age Group

Perfect conversation to describe how important birthdays are around here...

We're looking at several of the birthday cards I received from family members, one of which is from my mom, upon which she has taken the time to draw 40 candles around the birthday cake (too many to put on the cake, for sure!).

Ryan: "Mommy is going to be 40 tomorrow! Isn't that old?"

Sam: "Mom, do you feel old?"

Me: "Nope, I feel young at heart!"

Sam: "Daddy, do you feel old?"

Ryan: "Yup, I feel old."

Sam: "Hmmm, so Mommy, you are small and you feel young. And Daddy, you are tall and you feel old."

Makes perfect sense to me :) HA!

Seriously, I didn't feel any different this morning when I woke up, except to remember that 40 always used to seem old! Funny how your perspective shifts when you are in a different time/place in your life :)

I didn't have the time to run 40 miles today, so instead, I suited up and ran a nice four miles around the neighborhood. With all the snow we received, the pavement had the perfect layer of snow on top for screwshoes, and it was cold enough and the snow dry enough, that the white stuff crunched beneath my feet the entire run as the sky lightened and the sun rose. A good way to start any day!

These days, there's really no need for birthday fuss but it is always nice to hear from family and friends. I do love that portion of the birthday day! Oh, and the excuse to go out to dinner and eat a big cone full of gelato :)


healthyincville said...

Your mom is cool :) Personally, I think birthdays deserve at LEAST a week-long celebration no matter what your age!
Glad you got out for a run and had some gelato.
Funny you should mention hiking (on Facebook.)I've got a serious case of Springer Fever.

unstrung said...

happy belated!!! :D