Saturday, February 14, 2015

Saturday Happenings

Busy day today. I was up early so I could get in a run before Ryan headed out to the Brad for the day. The sky was already turning a deep pink along the horizon as I headed out on the powerlines to Highland Green Road at 5:55 am. The snowmobile trail is not quite solid enough for just screwshoes and a lot of snow has drifted into the track. It's not a fast first mile. It is cold out. The snow crunches beneath my feet and the buff around my nose and mouth begins to freeze. I run the Highland Green loop backwards, as the last time I was out, they had blocked off the loop at the start of the dirt road. I want to check it out. The back road is perfect screwshoe running. They have moved the pile of dirt and tires, so I am able to continue the loop without any bushwacking. Back at the powerlines, the sunrise is looking mighty fine. Streaks of pink, gold and purple fill the sky. I realize I talk about the sky almost every time I am out running in the morning, but honestly, these sunrises, they keep me motivated. Sometimes getting up and out so early is rough, but I do love these quiet morning runs highlighted by the sun rising. There is a peacefulness and beauty to be found at sunrise that is hard to beat.

I walk in the door and Ryan laughs. My eyelashes are frozen! :) I head right up to the shower to warm up. Brrr!

Ryan takes off soon after to spend the day at the Brad, marking the course, running the course, getting everything set up for the race and racing himself. Oh and somewhere in there, maybe eating lunch?!

In the meantime, Sam and I go to swimming, hit Frosty's for donuts with Anne and Kristen, go to the farmer's market and pick up the soup for the race. We come home for some lunch and a bit of downtime before heading over to Bradbury just as a light snow begins to fall.

We hang out at registration for a bit, and then of course, Sam wants to play on the playground. The snow is deep and, well, the slides are not quite as fast when buried in deep snow :)

We head over to watch the start of the race. Ryan has somehow left his gloves in the car. Good thing he's the race director! ;) I run back to get them for him.

Racers take off, and Sam and I head to the car for a snack and to get warm. A half hour later we're back at the finish, making snow angels in the snow with Erik, waiting for the racers to come in. We help Erik with the numbers, and cheer everyone on as they cross the finish line. Sam is doing well but starts to get cold, and we have to head to the car after a mini cold kid meltdown. We regroup to join the crew at the pavilion for awards and head home soon after, all tuckered out.

Ryan arrives home a bit later, exhausted from a really long day. He does a great job with these snowshoe races and everyone always has a great time, but today was extra rough on him, and it is always a bit hard when he is gone all day. I am glad we will all be able to chill out together tomorrow as the blizzard rages. With no races to put on and no runs to be done, things should be much more relaxing!

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