Monday, June 9, 2014

TARC: The Aftermath

The Good:

Sam had a great weekend! Between swimming, a trip to Wolfe's Neck with extended family and a sleepover with Morgan at our house, she was so busy that she hardly missed us at all :-) Many thanks to Mom and Dad for keeping her occupied! She had a great time!

New haircuts :-)

Cute cousins

Wolfe's Neck picnic with the Raymond clan

Walking the shore with Lillie

Beautiful day

Before stopping to pick Sam up at Kristen's on Sunday, we got off at the Maine Mall exit so I could get ice cream. Yes, it was 11:00 am. So what?! As we turned to go into the parking lot, who should we see but Amy in the car at the light! So, I not only got a big ice cream, I had a chance to fill Amy in on all the details of the race. Fun.


Despite all the sweating, the salt, the ice and water poured over my head, etc, I hardly chafed at all and I didn't get any blisters. Hurray!

TARC 50 Results are in. Turns out, I was 4th woman and 20th place overall. Cool. I'll take it!

Also, a HUGE congrats to our friend Tom, who finished his first 100 at TARC in great style. It was an incredibly tough course, and to do 100 miles on it is just plain amazing. Awesome job out there, Tom!

The Bad:

I hardly slept on Saturday night after the race. I was exhausted, but as usual, I could not sleep after a long effort/run. I was also shivering uncontrollably from exhaustion/sunburn/heat, and my quads were hurting so much they kept me from sleeping. I didn't sleep much last night either. Sigh.

Stairs were not my friends yesterday, and we're still not quite on speaking terms today. Plus, my ankles and feet decided to swell up too. Lovely! Why do I do this again?!

The Ugly:

The heat did a number on everyone out there. Some fared better than others. TARC lists the following stats -

100 Milers
75 starters
19 finishers (15% finish rate)

50 Milers
109 starters
70 finishers (64% finish rate)


Osprey said...

I still can't sleep and my ankle is also extremely swollen. Totally worth it though, isn't it!

healthyincville said...

4th woman and 20th overall is AWESOME! Congrats!
Hope you're feeling better :)