Sunday, February 2, 2014

Running and Skiing

Got out this morning for a nice run in the Cathance. It felt like spring with temps in the mid-30s.The sky, despite the fact that it was 8:00 am and well past sunrise, had a pink glow along the horizon with hazy, overcast skies above. The trails were a mix of nicely packed tacky snow, very icy spots, and bare ground, particularly underneath the pine trees. I decided to head out to Head of Tides, and it really was lovely out in the woods. Saw some serious Pileated Woodpecker evidence, but otherwise the trails were quiet. The river was gorgeous, with some really cool ice sculptures where the water had receded but the ice was left attached to the rocks in interesting spirals and circles a foot above the river.

Ice along the river

Neat ice formations

The running wasn't fast, but I felt good, it was an awesome day to be out in the woods, and I got in 12 miles to round out the week.

After lunch, under cloudy skies, we took Sam over to the Mt. Ararat trails with our xc skis. She is definitely much stronger than last year, and did a good job maneuvering the skis, despite the variable conditions. Still working on endurance though, for sure :-) We made it up the hill and out into the woods before she started to get tired, so maybe a 1/4 mile ski total (ha!) but it was good to be out in the woods on skis with her. Of course, it also made me realize I have become much less adept on my skis after not using them much the past few years :-)


Headed out

Photo stop

Yeah, we're skiing!

Happy skier

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