Thursday, February 20, 2014

Road Runnin'

Sometimes winter and all that it brings can just be a bit too much for me. Oh, I get it. I live in Maine. I asked for it :-) But sometimes, it all just makes me dreary. So today with the sun shining and the temps in the mid-40s, I was incredibly happy to have the chance to head out in the late afternoon for a run. I'm no match for untracked trails right now - I'm still trying to let my poor little bruised calves heal up after repeatedly kicking myself with my snowshoes during last weekend's race, and I wanted to take it easy this week on my back, even though it is, very thankfully, feeling infinitely better. And since it took Ryan almost an hour last night to run a little over 3 miles on his snowshoes, no thanks! I decided I'd go park at the Pennelville fields and run a 5 mile loop on the back roads, with a stop at the ocean in the middle of the run. The roads were relatively clear, there wasn't much traffic, the fields were sparkling white and the views from Simpson's Point were pretty much awesome. I definitely ran with a smile on my face, and finished up feeling much better about 6 more weeks of winter. Yes, winter truly can be beautiful in its own right.

Soft winter light

Ice, snow and islands

Afternoon glow

[Oh and just to catch up, yesterday I got out and ran a mellow 3 miles around the block on the slushy roads. Nothing special, but everything felt pretty good.]

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