Monday, February 3, 2014

Birthday Therapy

Well, I can no longer say I'm in my mid-30s. 39 is almost 40. Good grief, how did I get to be almost 40?! I don't feel old... I decided I would make the most of my free afternoon and headed over to the Commons for a run after I left work at 12:30. It was overcast, and a bit raw feeling, despite temps hovering right above 30 degrees. I had a loose plan for the run but it all depended on how conditions were, etc. In fact, they turned out to be pretty darn icy. With all the traffic the Commons receives, things were either solid ice or really packed snow which was almost like ice. There was less bare ground than I would have anticipated. I took the "long" way out, meandering the deer trails to get in another mile before hitting Merepoint Road. I hadn't really enjoyed the miles in the Commons - too much tiptoeing and slipping for my liking - so I made up my mind to go out to Coleman Farms and see how the trails were out there. They were less traveled and more uneven, but there was more bare ground and less ice. Oh, and a lovely view at the end of the peninsula with cloudy bright skies and the smell of the ocean. Well worth it :-)

The singletrack portion of the loop, which winds along the cove, was the best running of the day, mostly free of snow. I took the main trail back through the Commons, and ended the run by taking the roads instead of trying to navigate the worst of trails connecting the Commons proper to the Bowdoin fields. Got in 8.75 miles and a nice hour and a half out on the trails.

I headed home to get some newsletter work done, and then picked up Sam for a trip to Gelato Fiasco. Gelato before dinner? It's my birthday, so why not?! :-)

Many thanks to everyone for the birthday messages and phone calls. It's always nice to feel loved, and I am so lucky to have such great family and friends :-)

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