Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Few Samisms

Having a dramatic four year old can be exasperating, but on the other hand, she almost always bounces back quickly from her breakdowns, and often has us laughing with the things she says. Here are a few of my favorites from this week so far:

"Are you OK, kiddo?" upon hearing a sigh from the other room.
"I'm totally fine, Mama."

Last night while in the bath, Sam said to me, "Mama, there's a button on the liner!" When I told her it was actually a magnet to help keep the shower liner affixed to the tub, she said, with a straight face and in an earnest tone, "Wow, the worker who did that was really very talented." 

After I told her we'd get the new shelf up in her room this weekend, she replied, "Whenever you want to do it is really fine with me." 

Me, upon seeing her come back up the stairs: "What were you doing down there?"
Sam, smiling brightly: "Putting rocks in my purse." 

Yup, that's my girl :-)

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