Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The Calm Before the Storm

Another storm. Another snow day. Today's storm appears to be a very large, slow moving storm which is predicted to drop 12"-18" of snow today and into tomorrow. Ahhh, nothing like March in New England...

Waited until it was light this morning and then headed out at 7:00 am for a run before the snow started. The powerlines had had a lot of snowmobile traffic but the snow wasn't quite packed, it almost felt styrofoam-like. Very weird. No one had been up over Mt. A. so I took the road up to the Heath. There had been a fair amount of traffic, and things were fairly compacted, if uneven and a bit variable. The river was open, all the ice melted except along the banks, and overhead, the sky was overcast and rather ominous looking. My legs felt kinda creaky and cranky so instead of making the loop back on the trails, I took the new route out to the back dirt road from the field and ran the roads back to the powerlines before heading in. Finished up just as the flakes started to fall. (7.0 miles)

We are all home today with Ryan and I working and Sam amusing herself and hoping we can get out and play in the snow later today :)

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