Friday, March 23, 2018

Friday Morning Wander

The car was going in for service this morning so I dropped Sam off and then headed there all dressed in my running gear, so that I could take off from there for my run this morning. I am sure they think I am a bit odd 😂😂 I had originally thought I'd do a road run but it was such a nice morning, I'd be running the daylight and temps were still below freezing that I just couldn't help myself, and decided I would hit the trails instead. I ran up and over Mt. A. and out along the golf course, which had been groomed at some point, to the Heath. Variable but nothing I wasn't expecting. Around the Heath was probably the worst, just not a lot of traffic and very uneven. Once across the street in the Cathance proper, the trails were in pretty good shape, fairly well packed and definitely runnable, although care had to be taken for sure! It was nice to be out there in the daylight, enjoying the river and the woods. And of course, it is always beautiful out there!

Up from the river in the field where you can head further out into the system to the Ravine Loop and Head of Tides, they are clearing land and felling trees for more Highland Green houses. I think the guys were just as surprised to see me come out of the woods as I was to see them! This is sort of sad, but the developers have always been good about making sure there is trail access and continuing to support land conservation out there, so I hope there will soon be a new way to head further out into the system once they start construction out there. I suspect this is similar to what happened with the Brunswick Commons, in that the land we always thought was part of the Commons was really more like abutting property and so eventually they built houses on it and made new connecting trail for access to the Commons proper.

In any event, I took a few steps out beyond the clearing area to check out the trail to the Ravine Loop but there hadn't been enough traffic and I was sinking in all over the place, so I turned around and did another loop along the river and then took the back road back up to the powerlines for a short out and back to get in the miles I wanted. It was a bit of a slow go out there this morning but it was good to get out, and I was able to pick up the car when I was done too! (10.0 miles)

Looking forward to visiting Kate and Jamie this weekend and seeing what sort of adventure Jamie takes us on for our run tomorrow! Kate very nicely offered to hang out with Sam, and I am sure they will keep themselves more than occupied with the four cats, chickens and other projects while we are off for a few hours in the morning! :)

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