Sunday, July 2, 2017


I'd say 'saturated' pretty much sums up my weekend runs. The humidity has been incredibly high and although it hasn't been hot hot hot, the humidity certainly more than makes up for that!

Saturday morning I had planned to get in my long run but I didn't sleep well at all on Friday night and then I didn't get up early enough to get in my miles before getting back for my already-promised donut & farmer's market morning date with Sam, so I just ran my "regular" 7 mile loop out in the Cathance instead. It was a sunny, humid and sweaty run. Saw two deer and way too many deer flies. Ah summer...

This morning, I met up with Emma at Bradbury. I was excited to have company and was so glad she reached out to find out if I was headed over there for my long run today! Rain had come through overnight, but the humid weather had not yet moved out and the humidity must have once again been close to 100% when we started at 6:00 am as there was a lovely fog/cloud settled in over Bradbury. Everything was quite slick, for sure, and I was saturated within only a few miles. I'm normally a heavy sweater anyway, but good grief! We ran the Scuffle and then did a loop up to the summit, down Tote, out onto Boundary, in on Reverse Mindy, back up to the summit and down the Terrace to bring things pretty much right on target to 10, which is what Emma had been hoping for for the day.

I stopped back at the car with her, wiped myself down best as I could, changed my shirt, refilled my water and gels and had a quick snack before heading back out. I ran the BBU east side loop, enjoying the fact that the deer flies hadn't showed up yet but feeling the effects of the humidity and unfortunately just not feeling all that great. At 15 miles, I stopped back at John's house to have a few sips of Vitamin water and then continued on across the street. I had been hoping for 20+ but I figured at the rate I was going, I'd just see what I could get :). I wandered back up to the summit, down Tote and back up toward the summit before descending on Terrace to get in 18 miles. 18 was just going to have to do :)

Not the 50 mile week I had been shooting for, but I'll be happy with my 46. Onward and upward!

And since I have no photos from my run, here is a cute one from Sam's hike with Ryan and John while I was out running :)

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