Sunday, July 9, 2017

Weekend Running and Relaxing

Yesterday, it was funny to be able to just wake up whenever and saunter out for a run without giving any thought to a kiddo or a schedule. Wow, was this really what it was like all the time pre-Sam?! Amazing! I slept in as long as the cats would let me, which was only until around 6:30 am, and then enjoyed a leisurely breakfast before we suited up and headed out around 8:30.

It was a nice, warm, sunny, breezy morning and we got in a mellow 10 miles out in the Cathance and on the Blueberry Loop. My legs felt pretty good, if a little tired, but the miles went by quickly. It was nice to have some company out on the trails, and as Ryan is definitely taller than me, he was a good deer fly magnet too 😂😂

We spent the rest of the day relaxing and going through all of Ryan's VT 100 gear and nutrition to make sure we had it all organized, plus reviewing the directions so that I could make notes and mentally think through the crew spots. I think we are in pretty good shape and I'm looking forward to a weekend of supporting and cheering on Ryan in this adventure!

In contrast to yesterday's leisurely run start, today we were up bright and early, with a schedule to adhere to so that we could do a course check of the Scuffle before the race. We headed out from John's house at 6:00 with Tom joining us at the start and Brian meeting up with us a few miles in. It was fun to catch up with them both and hear about recent adventures and upcoming races and I just hung onto the back of the train and prayed I wouldn't fall off completely ;) Thankfully we had to stop now and again to check course markings and intersections or if might have gotten ugly! HA! Actually, I felt surprisingly decent, which was encouraging, but I was really glad I wasn't going to be racing, as my legs most certainly did not have much pep after this week's miles!

There were two intersections that needed more markings so I volunteered to go back out and place the signs so that I could get in the 7+ miles I wanted for the day. Brian joined me for a mile before turning off to get in the rest of his own miles for the day and I headed back in on the Link to finish up with 7.5 soggy miles for the morning and a 50+ mile week. Definitely happy with that!

I manned the food table during the race and had fun chatting and catching up with friends throughout the morning. Everyone asked where Sam was, and although she was missed, she is most certainly having an awesome time down in NC!

Here are some pictures from the past few days:

There has apparently been a whole lot of swimming fun...

... along with picking blueberries...

...and this morning, there was another tooth lost! My girl is getting so big 💕

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