Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Overcast skies on Tuesday morning, so no sunrise as I headed out early on the powerlines, but it was a lovely lollygag nonetheless, complete with stops for blueberries and raspberries and to oh and ah over the multitude of wood lilies rising brightly out of the greenery at the far end of the powerlines. Got rained on in the last 1/2 mile but a good 8 miles start to the day.

Last night, I was awoken by the sound of Gigi attempting to spit up on our bed. That crisis was averted but there was still spit up to deal with, on the floor at least. So there I was, 12:30 am, up in the night, flashlight on the phone on, grabbing the box of wipes, which was empty, knocking over the laundry detergent cap onto the floor in a search for more, cleaning up laundry detergent and then spit up. Ah, gotta love it. Then the cat came and laid on my chest, kneading her paws into me, as if to say, oh I feel so much better now ;) Needless to say the plan to get up extra early and get in 10 miles went out the window as I didn't really get much sleep. Managed to drag myself up and out of bed around 5:00 am and get in 6 miles on the cart paths. A really nice, cool morning, and I amazingly felt decent.

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