Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Headed South

Headed south today for a few days with my parents and then on Saturday, Sam and I will head back home. Of course, I was supposed to fly out at 8:00 and be into Wilmington by noon, but the first flight has already been delayed, which means I miss the original connection and now I'm scheduled to get into Wilmington at 7:15. Hurray for 6 hours in the Charlotte airport! Hopefully I can get on seat on one of the mid-afternoon flights by standby but we'll see. Ah, travel...

Slept like a rock on Sunday night and decided a few more hours of sleep on Monday morning would be more beneficial than running so first run since Friday morning was yesterday. Ooof. Definitely feeling a bit tired and out of sorts, but was happy to get out on the trails. It was a misty, foggy, very heavy morning and I ran the 7 mile loop out in the Cathance. Saw two deer, my towhee friend, a broad-winged hawk and stopped to eat blueberries along the powerlines, because one just should not pass up trailside berries on a run :)

This morning, after getting up at 4:00 and finding out about the travel snafu, I suited up and headed out for a few miles, knowing I'd feel better if I got a little exercise before my now all-day travel extravaganza. Another misty, foggy, 100% humidity morning. Ran the cart paths, followed by hordes of deer flies, but did see three Great Blue Heron, so that was cool. A very soggy 6 miles for the day.

Looking forward to seeing the kiddo and spending a few days with my parents, sister, Sam and Morgan! The girls have been having a blast and it will be great to join in on the fun for a few days before coming back home!

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