Monday, July 24, 2017

Sunday Morning at the Brad

Sunday morning, I snuck out while Ryan and Sam were still asleep and headed over to Bradbury for my long run. I got started around 6:40 am, and it was lovely to have a morning that wasn't too hot and wasn't too humid. Ahhh! I ran one lap of the BBU course, and enjoyed the quiet woods. The powerlines had been mowed, as had the field stretch, and I stopped for a few handfuls of blueberries as I climbed the hill and took in the view.

After running up and down Lunchbreak and over the summit, I stopped back at the parking lot at mile 10 to change my shirt, which while not soaked was still sweaty, fill up my water and grab some additional gels, before I headed onto the east side for the 5 mile section. I was feeling decent but by the time I got back to the lot, I was also definitely feeling tired. Travel has a way of doing that to you, I've found. In any event, I just *may* have had almost a full bottle of coke before continuing on ;) and that seemed to do the trick.

The rest of the miles were spent on the mountain side, heading up and around the mountain, down and back up Lunchbreak and down and up to the summit again. I ended up with a solid 23 miles and was happy to have gotten in the miles after a busy few days of NC fun and travel. A good way to wrap up another 50 mile week.

After spending the winter and early spring feeling a bit lackluster in my running both mentally and physically, I am happy to be coming back around. The past few months have been pretty good in terms of mileage and in how I have been feeling, and I'm hopeful as I look to the season ahead. I'll be running Moosalamoo 36 miler in a few weeks, and while ideally I'd have gotten in a few more over-20 mile runs, it's most definitely a training race for me, and I'm looking forward to exploring some different trails while I'm out there. The plan after Moosalamoo is to get in some more road miles and hills in prep for VT50 at the end of September, all the while working toward the goal of Pinhoti the first weekend of November. I am super exited about the prospect of another 100, this one a point-to-point on new to me trails in a new to me place, but I'll also readily admit I'm slightly terrified. But a little bit of fear to light the fire in one's belly is a good thing, and I'm looking forward to the challenges ahead!

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