Sunday, June 4, 2017

Saturday Fun

In typical Danielle and Ryan fashion, we haven't participated in our 20th Reunion weekend in the traditional sense. We didn't join in on the brewfest or the reunion luncheon or the lobster bake. But we were lucky enough to have Corie, one of my oldest and bestest friends, with whom I went to high school and college, visit us this weekend, and that was better than any brewfest or luncheon or lobster bake!

Saturday morning started out with a run out in the Cathance. Corie has always been an avid soccer player but not as much of a runner, so she chose to sleep in a bit and enjoy her early morning coffee instead of join me. It was a nice cool morning as I ran down out in the woods enjoying the flowing river, rising mist and greening moss. A good 6 miles.

Then, while Ryan was off getting in his long run at the Brad (and/or avoiding all college related activities), Corie, Sam and I headed up to campus and walked around, checking out the union, the arctic museum, the art museum, the library and of course the photo booth they had set up for the weekend.

Then it was off for lunch in town and down to Twin Brook for the final XC meet of the season, the Coastal League championship. It is always a little crazy down there for these huge meets but fun to see so many kids out running and racing!

Sam was the only Topsham 1/2 miler but she seemed to have no qualms about it and lined up in the muddy field in the field of 120+ girls confidently enough. Unfortunately, she got caught up when two girls in front of her collided and fell, and fell herself, but she shot right back up and took off running. She was at the back of the pack but made up a lot of ground over the race. Proud of my little Thriller!

photo by Coach Heather

photo by Coach Heather

We had asked Corie what she wanted to do with the rest of the afternoon and she requested some Maine coastline, but first we had to stop and get ice cream! Toots in Yarmouth was delicious and we had the chance to walk around looking at the animals on the farm too. No adorable little pygmy goats like last year but fun nonetheless.

I suggested we head down into Harpswell to Land's End and we were happy to find it quiet and crowd-free, with beautiful light and sunshine shining down on the beach and rocky shoreline. We wandered on the rocks and sand around taking in the view and watching a group of mama Common Eiders and their babies feeding along the shoreline. And on the way home, we stopped at Gurnet's Lobster & Lunch for dinner. Lobster, fried scallops and friend shrimp - yum! It wasn't planned, but it turned into a great afternoon and good way to cram a whole lot of Maine into one day :) And so nice to spend it with Corie! 

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